The Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene is a 501 c3 non-profit dedicated to enriching the cultural fabric of Eugene through facilitating arts and business partnerships. I held the position of Social Media Manager at ABAE for a little over a year. Here are some of my projects and results.


I ran the @artsbusinessEUG Twitter account. In addition to regular daily updates, I also attended ABAE events and live tweeted them. ABAE has monthly community meet ups that I would live tweet with the hashtag #ABAEMeetup, and encourage those in attendance to do the same. Below is a word cloud I made from tweets using #ABAEMeetup during one of these events:

 This word cloud is a good representation of what the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene is all about, and I was proud to see that the conversation taking place using this hashtag on Twitter was directly related to the ABAE mission.

Online Following/Engagement

In the year I worked for ABAE, I more than doubled its Twitter following. I also steadily increased Facebook likes, gaining the organizations page more than 100. 


I also created content for ABAE’s YouTube channel. I worked with a team to attend local ABAE sponsored events and produce videos about them. Here are two videos I assisted in the production of: