Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

In my senior year at the University of Oregon, I became a founding member of JSMAC, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Student Member Advocacy Council. The council acts as a liaison between the museum and the University of Oregon student body. Its mission is to raise awareness of the museum across campus, involve students in the dialogue of museum decisions and further the mission of the JSMA. We did this through a combination of outreach events across campus and student focused events inside the museum itself.

During my time on the council I proposed and was the head coordinator for two events. One outreach event, and one event inside the museum:

Outreach Event: Trivia Night

For my outreach event, I partnered with the Museum of Natural and Cultural History’s ambassadors to hold a trivia night in the coffee shop on campus. JSMAC has continued this partnership and uses my event as a template for current trivia nights.

Museum Event: In Tune

For my JSMA event, I proposed to have a night of live music by student musicians inside the museum called In Tune.

Click image to view PDF of submitted proposal.

Click image to view PDF of submitted proposal.

My event was attended by 104 people, which was on par with the attendance for JSMAC’s other events.