Mind the Gap

In college I was both a member and President of the collegiate a cappella group Mind the Gap. My goal as President was to grow the groups recognition across campus and in the community by expanding its presence on social media and redesigning its website. 

When I joined the group, Mind the Gap's website was out of date, contained broken links, and was not user friendly. My first goal as President was to design a new website with a clean and modern design that would be easy for them to upkeep after I graduated. I used Wordpress to build it.

You can view the website I designed here.

Social Media

Before I became President of Mind the Gap it was the only a cappella group on campus not using Instagram. I opened the account, took over posting and gained them almost 200 new followers. In my year as president I also increased Mind the Gap's Facebook following by 37 percent, and gained them 140 new followers on Twitter. 

                                                             Click image to visit Mind the Gap's Instagram.

                                                             Click image to visit Mind the Gap's Instagram.


My senior year, Mind the Gap placed first in the quarterfinals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) for its first time ever. This qualified the group to move onto semifinals in Los Angeles. In order to raise money to cover travel costs, I created a GoFundMe. I wrote all of the copy, chose the images and marketed the fundraiser. I managed to raise more than our $2,000 goal for the group.


I designed the posters for Mind the Gap's concerts and auditions.

Poster 1.jpg